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Prep Products

A-25 Stripper Paint and Sealer Remover

A-100 Degreaser Cleans Oil, Dirt, Grease, Etc.

A-200 Concrete Prep and Seal Moisture Vapor Control

A-250 Acid Etching Gel Opens Pores of Concrete for Adhesion

Cement Modifiers/Bonds

A-300 Concrete/Asphalt Bonder Admix Admixture for Concrete, Bonding Glue

AR-375 Asphalt Admix/Primer & Bonding Agent for Flex Mesh

A-400 Concrete Bonder Concentrate Concentrated Admix for Concrete

W-8000 Wall Stamp Primer Used for Priming Surfaces to Apply Wall Stamp

A-8100 Waterproofing Primer Used for Priming Surfaces for Waterproofing

Cement Products

A-500 Micro Finish - Gray Feather Edge Overlay

A-501 Micro Finish - White Feather Edge Overlay

A-600 Concrete Resurfacer - Gray Overlayment

A-601 Concrete Resurfacer - White Cementitious Overlay Coating

AR-625CT Concrete/Asphalt Spall Repair - Gray Repairs Asphalt Spalls

A-650 Asphalt Resurfacer Gray Asphalt Overlay Black w/ Self Levelers

A-675 Self Leveler White Self Leveling for Floors

A-680 Underlayment - Gray Underlayment for Carpet, Tile, Etc.

A-700 Stamp-Crete - White 1/4 Inch Stamp Overlay

A-710 Color Pacs Tubes of Color to be Added to Bags

A-750 Stamp-Crete Primer - White Bonds the Stamp-Crete to Concrete

A-800 Texture Finish - White Overlay to Shoot through Hopper Gun

A-900 Waterproofing Basecoat - Gray Basecoat for Plywood Decking

A-950 Cement Accelerator - White Accelerates Dry Time of Cement

A-975 Cement Accelerator - Gray Accelerates Dry Time of Cement

A-1600-1601 Flex Mesh Reinforced Alkali Resistant Nylon Netting

A-1620-1625-1630 Flex Mesh Reinforced Heavy gauge Alkali Resistant Nylon Netting

A-3000 Rubber Impression Stamps

W-8300 Wall Stamp Gray Stamp Overlay for Vertical Applications

Water Base Products

A-1000 Concrete Stains Water Base Concrete Stain

AR-1000 Asphalt Sealer - Black Water Base, Quick Dry

SP-1000 Stain Pro Concrete Stain Water Base Concrete Stain

A-1050 Stain Enhancer Durable, High Gloss, Stain Enhancer

A-1100 Texture and Concrete Color Seal Color Seal for Concrete or Texture System

A-1150 Cool Pool Heat Reflective Deck Coating

A-1200 Natural Seal Penetrating Concrete Sealer

A-1200RS Natural Seal - No Shine Penetrating Sealer for Polymer & Concrete

A-1300 Concrete Seal Acrylic Sealer, Water Base, Medium Sheen

A-1325 Concrete Seal - Satin Finish Acrylic Sealer, Water Base, Satin Finish

A-1330 Enviro Stain Sealer Satin Finish Water Base, Enviro Stain Sealer

A-1350 Concrete Shield Semi Gloss, Water Base, Top Coat

A-1505 Efflorescence Blocker and Sealer Single Component, Efflorescence Blocker

A-2050 Enviro Stain Water Base, Single Component, Penetrating Stain

A-2100 Enviro Sealer Glossy Finish Water Base, Enviro Stain Sealer

A-2250 Concrete Penetrating Sealer Seals, Waterproofs, Strengthens Surfaces

A-5200 Spray Rock Bonder Bonding Agent w/ Spray Rock Adhesion

A-5500 Water Base Urethane-High Shine Replaces Aliphatic 1 & 2 Part Urethanes

A-5501 Water Base Urethane-Matte Finish Replaces Aliphatic 1 & 2 Part Urethanes

A-5600 Armor Shield, Water Base Chemical Resistant Urethane

A-5601 Armor Shield, Matte Finish Water Base Chemical Resistant Urethane

Solvent Sealers/Acic Stains

A-1400 High Shine Single Component, Moisture Cure Urethane

A-1401-1402 Broadcast / Integral Beads, Anti-Skid Surface

A-1450 High Shine Plus 45% Solids, Moisture Cure Urethane

A-1475 Top Coat Sealer Colored 60% Solids-Chemical Resistant

A-1480 Top Coat Sealer Clear 60% Solids-Chemical Resistant

A-1481 Top Coat Sealer Matte Finish 60% Solids-Chemical Resistant

A-1500 Matting Agent Used reduces the shiny finished of solvent sealers

A-1550 High Shine Accelerator Accelerates Dry Time for A-1400 High Shine

A-4100 Industrial Floor Finish High Shine, Water Base Industrial Floor Sealer

A-4200 Shine and Seal Acrylic High Shine Solvent Sealer

A-4201 Shine and Seal Matte Finish Acrylic, Matte Finish Sealer

A-4300 Universal Concrete Seal Clear 100% Polyurea, High Build, Quick Dry

A-4350 Universal Concrete Seal - Colored 100% Polyurea, High Build Ct, Qk Dry

Epoxies/Chips/Marble Tek

A-6000 Water Base Epoxy 2:1 Water Base Epoxy

A-6100 Marble Tek 100% Solids, Epoxy, Achieves a Marble-Like Finish

A-6150Q Marble Tek Activator Enhances the Look of Marble Tek

A-6200 Water Base Epoxy 4:1 Water Base Epoxy, Slow Dry

A-6300 Vapor Seal Colored 100% Solid Epoxy

A-7000 Colored Chemical Resistant Epoxy 100% Solids Epoxy, Colored

A-7200G Clear Chemical Resistant Epoxy 100% Solids 2:1 Clear Epoxy

A-7201Q Quick Set, Colored Epoxy USDA Approved, 100% Solids, Chem.

A-7300G Epoxy Crack Repair Paste Fast Drying Epoxy Paste 2 Gallon Kit

A-PCKIT Paint Chip Kit All-Inclusive Paint Chip Kit

A-PS Spray Rock Crushed Granite Rock for Anti-Skid Surfaces

A-1700 Crack Repair Kit

A-1800 Release Clear Release Used for Stamps


GS-100 Graffiti Deterrent Used to Waterproof Substrates and Deter Graffiti

GS-200 Graffiti Lift Used to Create Film on Surface for Easy Removal

GS-300 Graffiti Eliminator Used to Loosen and Remove Paint and Graffiti